How to Stop Latex Pants from Squeaking

August 17, 2022

Man wearing latex pants

If you ask us, part of the fun of wearing rubber pants is the squeaking! These days, latex is becoming more of a fashion statement so we understand if you want to wear yours as part of your day-to-day wardrobe. That’s when the noise can get a little annoying! So here are our top tips for stopping your latex pants from squeaking. 

1) Choose a Tight Fit 

You want to make sure that your latex pants fit you well. Latex stretches to accommodate your shape, so when looking at sizes, err on the side of going a little smaller. 

If you're not sure about your size, measure yourself at the waistline. For each one of our products, there's a size chart that'll allow you to see which measurements correspond with which size. 

Err on the side of going a little smaller rather than larger. If your wais is two or three inches larger than one of the sizes listed, that's probably still the better size to choose. Latex is supposed to fit snugly, and with a better fit there'll be less rubbing that leads to noise. 

2) Use Lube 

If your latex pants or other clothes are still squeaking, you want to make sure that you're using a good amount of lube on the inside and outside.

Our Chez Noir lube is skin safe, and it make it a lot easier to slide into your latex. It's great for the inside of your latex, while latex shiner is the better choice for the outside. Pay special attention to the areas where you notice rubbing that leads to the noise. 

3) Get Them Chlorinated

Chlorinating your latex clothing can also make a big difference, especially if you want to wear your pants often.

It's a chemical process where the structure of the inner layer of your latex is altered. Instead of being sticky and tough to pull on, the inside of your latex becomes silky and smooth. Suddenly, it'll be able to slide on your skin and move with you, without squeaking or making noise. You may still want to apply some latex shiner to the outside, but the inside will be quiet and comfortable. 

At Chez Noir, all of our items can be chlorinated. If you already own some unchlorinated latex, contact us and we'll be happy to chlorinate it for you!