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Chez Noir Latex. A man lounging on a fancy couch wearing latex gloves, a latex shirt, latex underwear and latex socks.

Impeccably sexy latex fashion at affordable prices.
Quality latex sex toys and fetish gear.

That’s what we’re about here at Chez Noir.

Whether you’re after risque fashion or some shiny fun in the bedroom, we’ve got the rubber goods for you.

Latex for Everyone

We’ve got everything you need, whether you’re a budding latex lover or experienced kinkster.

Our offerings range from latex dresses and leggings to inflatable butt plugs, as well as important latex care products and latex repair or chlorination services.

Modern fashion has recently started embracing fetish themes and novel materials like latex, but we’re the real thing. We don’t just straddle the line between fashion and kink - we exist happily on either side of it.

Quality Rubber

Did you know making latex is a family business? While Chez Noir Latex is based in Toronto, Canada, the majority of our products are made in the UK in a factory operated by our founder’s very own family. Other products are made right here in Toronto, our home base. We might be an ocean apart, but making quality latex products is a shared family passion!

We only use pure, top-quality latex supplemented only for colour and stability. Our products are made through a technique called “dip moulding” which allows us to create accessories like latex gloves and hoods. This technique results in durable, seamless items that are nevertheless still affordable.

Our History - Latex in Toronto

We first opened our doors for business (metaphorically speaking) in 2009. For the first 3 years, we operated under the name Latex Toronto Ltd. We were one of the only stores carrying ready-made, affordable quality latex in Toronto, Canada. 

Since then we have grown and rebranded. Thus the creation of Chez Noir, a new division of Latex Toronto Ltd.

If you remember us from the old days, don’t worry! Everything that you loved about Latex Toronto is the same. The only difference is that we now carry even more great products, we offer a wider range of latex services, and we’ve got a sexier website! We hope to bring you an even better shopping experience.

Customer Satisfaction

At Chez Noir, we believe that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We want you to be completely happy with our products. We will do our best to ensure that this happens. If you’ve run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Slip Into Your Latex Easily

Have you heard about latex chlorination?

If you’ve tried on latex before, chances are it was a bit of a struggle to get it on. Maybe you had to cover yourself in talcum powder or a greasy lube. If you found the process difficult, annoying, or time-consuming, consider having your latex chlorinated.

This unique process transforms the inside of your garment or accessory, giving it a silky finish. Your latex will glide on quickly and easily without the need for dressing aids.

We offer chlorination as an add-on with every Chez Noir purchase, but we’ll also happily chlorinate latex products from other designers or brands! Just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Discrete Shipping to the United States, Canada, and the World

Discrete box for latex shipping

It’s happened to us (true story), and probably to some of you as well.

You’ve entered a sex store. It doesn’t matter which one, where it is, or what exactly they sell, but there you are, in the very back of the store where they keep the items that curious passers-by would never have heard of.

You’re distracted, engrossed in whatever it is that you are looking at. All of a sudden, you hear a familiar voice.

Maybe it’s one of your students, your neighbour, or even your boss. How do you explain the massive dildo in your hands? Luckily, they haven’t noticed you.

You put down the dildo and try to look casual, hoping that they hurry up and leave before you’re seen. Finally, you breathe a sigh of relief as they exit the store. That could have been awkward!

That’s why we keep our shipping discrete. You can shop online, without worrying about who you may bump into! Our online store offers worldwide shipping to the privacy of your own home while shopping. Our unmarked and inconspicuous package will not rouse anyone’s suspicion, but inside it, your items will be safe and elegantly packed. We even offer door-to-door shipping within certain parts of Toronto! 

Learn more about our shipping policy.

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