Women’s Latex Clothing

Chez Noir carries a wide selection of women’s latex clothing. We pride ourselves on being the internet’s best one-stop shop for affordable rubber fashion for women, with options for both in and out of the bedroom. We’ve got classic latex basics that’ll add some edge to your style, as well as sexier latex outfits for more intimate occasions. 

All of our latex clothes for women can be purchased chlorinated - a special service that makes it a breeze to slide into your latex.

Guide to Latex for Women

If you’re new to wearing women’s latex clothing this guide will help get you started on building your perfect latex wardrobe. Here are the main latex clothes for women you might be interested in purchasing: 

Latex dresses& skirts: A rubber dress is a fantastic entry point for latex! It’s a complete outfit all on its own, and unlike catsuits, it’s much easier to slide into. Skirts will require a top, but they can be just as alluring.  

Latex bras and panties: The sexiest way to introduce some latex into your life is a new bra or panties. Perfect for the bedroom or play parties, our selection includes classic panties, boy shorts, thongs, and even some cheeky crotchless options for easy access.  

Latex leggings & shorts: These are particularly trendy right now! You can wear them day-to-day paired with other rubber separates or a totally different material.

Latex tops: Crop tops, tank tops, and t-shirts - we’ve got it all! We even have a few latex tops with breast or nipple cut-outs, for extra spice. 

Latex bodysuits: This is another great all-in-one latex piece that immediately elevates your wardrobe. Wear one to rock a 90s-inspired latex look! We have a few different bodysuits to choose from, so go have a look.

How to Get Into Latex

Latex is tight and a little clingy, which is why it looks so amazing. Getting into it, however, is a challenge. 

You’ll want to saturate the inside of your latex with some sort of dressing aid. We find latex-safe lube works best (but stay away from oils!), but talcum is an option if you don’t like to feel slippery. 

Once a slip agent has been applied, you can carefully pull your latex on. Make sure to use the length of your hands when pulling, since using just the thumb and index finger can lead to tears. Depending on your garment, it might be easier to roll the latex on. In other cases, it’s just a question of maneuvering it over your body slowly, until it’s perfectly in place. 

Once you’re done, apply a layer of latex shiner to give your rubber that sexy signature gleam. 

By the way, we offer chlorination services with all of our women’s latex clothing - it’s a special process that alters the inner part of the latex, making it smoother and easier to slide into. If you’re new to latex, it’ll make your journey significantly easier.

Latex Care & Cleaning

We know your latex is precious, so help it stay in great shape by cleaning and storing it correctly.

  • Always wash your latex immediately after you’re done wearing it. It’s important to remove any residue since even your body’s natural oils can cause it to degrade. 
  • To wash your latex, soak it in a tub with warm water and a few squeezes of a latex detergent like ViviClean
  • Finally, rinse it clean in cool or lukewarm water. 
  • Dry your latex completely, first by gently patting it with a towel, and afterward by hanging it to dry. 
  • Once your latex is dry, dust it with a layer of talcum and store it somewhere dark, cool, and dry.