Check out Chez Noir's collection of latex underwear for men. We carry a wide selection of men’s latex underwear and briefs, from simple fashion pieces to options with built-in sex toys. 

Have a look at our latex briefs and find the ones to suit your fancy! Some of our raunchier options include latex thongs, frilled latex baby pants, and briefs with anatomical penis sheaths, cock rings, or butt plugs. For easier wear, all of our latex briefs are available chlorinated

Looking for latex underwear for women? Check out our collection of latex bras and panties!

Latex Underwear for All

Gay or straight, fetish or fashion - latex underwear is for everyone. After all, what’s better than shiny latex stretched tightly over your nethers?

Rubber Underwear Guide

Not sure which of our pieces will be right for you? Here’s a quick guide to the main kinds of rubber undies we carry.


The classics! A pair of latex briefs fit tight and snug, allowing your very best assets to really shine. They offer full coverage with a flattering mid-rise fit that looks great on any body type and for any occasion.


Want a little more coverage? Our high-waisted briefs extend to just above the belly button on most wearers, giving a bit of extra control.


If you want to bare a little more, our latex thong is a must! The G-string design fits snugly between your cheeks, while the front pouch emphasizes that package nicely.

Jock Strap

Business in the front, party in the back! Our latex jockstrap is made of heavyweight latex to keep your bits in check, while two straps in the back let you show off your behind.

Sex Toy Underwear Add-Ons

Feeling extra frisky? Almost all of our latex bottoms and underwear are available with all sorts of fun adult add-ons. Our latex briefs are available with penis sheaths, built-in butt plugs, cock rings, well-placed cut-outs, and more. You can even wear them under your regular clothes for some incognito fun! Please note - our briefs with penis sheaths are great for insertion and penetration, but they’re not designed to prevent STI spread or unwanted pregnancy.

How to Care for Rubber Underwear

Once you have your awesome pair of rubber underwear in your hands, how can you make sure they look great for years to come? We’ve got some tips that’ll help you keep your latex in tip-top shape.

  • Wash your latex after every wear! This is a must from removing your body’s natural oils, which may degrade your latex. To wash your underwear or briefs, simply soak them in warm water with a few dollops of detergent or latex cleaner for a few minutes. Then, rinse them clean under the tap.
  • Once you’re done washing your latex, make sure to dry it by patting it down with a towel. Then, leave it somewhere safe to air dry.
  • Once your latex is completely dry, cover it with talcum and store it away from light, heat, or moisture.