Look sexy in a hot latex dress or skirt! Shop our gorgeous selection of latex mini dresses, cocktail dresses, mini skirts, and more. Some are handmade locally right here in Toronto, Canada while others are crafted in the UK. Quality latex at affordable prices.

Add chlorination to your purchase to help you slip into your latex with ease! 

Dress to Impress

Turn heads in a figure-hugging, sexy latex dress. We like to keep it short and tight, with a range of sexy mini latex dresses. Find your classic little black dress or go for a “spanking dress” with a cheeky reveal. Some of our dresses are made in the UK while others are designed right here in Toronto.

How to Get Into a Latex Dress

Putting on a new sexy latex dress can always be a bit of a struggle. If you’re a newcomer to latex, consider buying a one-shoulder or sleeveless latex dress. The fewer sleeves and openings you have to deal with, the easier it’ll be to slide into your brand new dress!

Aside from that, make sure to take off all jewelry and be very careful with long or sharp nails. Rubber is a delicate material that can tear easily.

You should be clean and dry before pulling on the latex. Avoid using any oil-based body lotions, as oil can damage your latex.

Next, apply your dressing aid of choice both to the inside of your dress as well as to your body. It’s up to you whether you prefer to use talc or a latex lubricant. Whichever you choose, we recommend opting for pure, fragrance-free formulas that are free from additives that could damage your latex. Another great option is to have your latex chlorinated, a process that will give the inside of your latex a smoother texture and make it much easier to pull on.

Pull the latex on carefully. When shifting it up over your body, use the entirety of your hand to grab the latex, since grabbing it with just your fingers can leave indentations. If you’ve opted for a sleeveless dress, you’ll probably have an easier time pulling it on from below. With other dresses, you’ll have to slide the dress on over your head.

Finally, adjust the dress so it sits comfortably against your skin and smooth away any wrinkles or air bubbles.

Polishing Your Dress

Once you’re rocking your gorgeous latex dress, make sure to give it some shine, as well. Latex garments normally arrive looking matte, but you can use a latex-safe lube or silicone-based shiner to add some gleam. Simply rub on a small amount with a soft cloth, and you’ll be ready to wear your latex out in the world!

How to Clean a Latex Dress

Once you’ve gotten out of your sexy latex dress (and maybe had a bit of fun), it’s important to clean it up. Exposure to your body’s natural oils can degrade the latex, so it’s important to get it clean as soon as you can after wearing it.

Washing a latex dress is pretty simple, thankfully! Fill your bathtub or a washbasin with lukewarm water, and add a bit of a latex-safe detergent like ViviClean. Swirl your dress in the latex gently, and then rinse it under cool or lukewarm water to get rid of the soap residue.

Finally, remove it from the water and shake out the excess liquid. You can use a soft cloth to pat away some moisture, as well. Finally, hang your dress on a wooden hanger to finish drying - make sure to leave it hanging somewhere safe, away from sunlight or extreme temperatures. At some point, you can turn it inside out to make sure it finishes drying.

When your dress is dry, you can fold it away and store it somewhere cool (not cold!) away from heat and sunlight. We highly recommend dusting it with pure talcum powder, especially if you’ll be storing it away for a long time.