A pair of latex gloves is a sexy must-have. Give any look an edgy high-fashion twist with just one simple accessory. We carry a massive selection of latex fetish gloves, from wrist to shoulder-length, with fingerless styles and heavyweight latex options.

Want to slide your gloves on with ease? Stop the struggle, get your latex gloves chlorinated. This process transforms your latex into a silky material that’s a breeze to pull on. It’s available as an add-on to all Chez Noir products!

Types of Latex Fetish Gloves

Not sure which gloves are best for you? Here are some of the gorgeous options we have available.

Latex wrist gloves only cover your hands, making them the perfect option for medical role play or for daintier looks.

Elbow latex gloves are glamorous but comfortable, and they can also make all sorts of penetrative play feel a little more risque than normal.

Shoulder latex gloves are elegantly stunning. They add an upscale twist to latex lingerie or help add an edgy twist to non-latex evening dresses.

Latex biker gloves are as edgy as can be. They’re a must-have when you want to give your latex outfit a punkish twist.


How to Choose the Correct Size

Your latex gloves should fit you snugly, so it’s always better to size down rather than up. Read the size guide for the item you're considering purchasing, and choose the appropriate size.


How to Put Latex Gloves On

As with many other latex items, the answer is carefully. Long latex fetish gloves, in particular, can be difficult to get on.

Always start by applying a healthy amount of dressing aid both to your hand and the glove. Because gloves are a little more finicky, it’s better to go with latex-safe lube rather than talcum.

Next, roll down the gloves a little so that you can first focus on sliding your hand in. Pull it on gently with your other hand, being careful not to pull with only two fingers or with nails to avoid tearing. Adjust the glove so that it fits over each finger comfortably. Finally, roll the rest of the glove over your wrist and up as high as it’ll go.

Once you’re finished, apply a nice layer of latex shiner to give your glove that sexy latex gleam.


Caring for Your Latex Gloves

As with all latex garments, the longevity of your gloves rests on good care practices. Once you’re done wearing your gloves, wash them thoroughly in a basin with lukewarm water and latex-safe detergent like ViviClean. Make sure to flip them over so you can wash both the inside and outside.

Once you’re done washing them, give them a quick shake to remove as much water as possible.

Finally, hang the gloves somewhere safe and dark to dry. After a few hours, flip them inside out to finish drying the other side.

Then, once your gloves are completely dry, store them away from moisture and sunlight. If you don’t intend to use them again any time soon, make sure to dust them with a good layer of talcum powder, as well.


Chlorinating Your Gloves

Curious about chlorination? With latex gloves, especially, it makes a huge difference. Chlorination is a chemical process that alters the surface of the latex, making it significantly smoother and preventing its tendency to stick to itself. This makes pulling latex on much easier, even without talcum or lube.

Gloves are notoriously some of the hardest latex pieces to put on, so chlorination is an excellent option. It won’t affect their lifespan - instead, it’ll just make your life a little easier.