caring for your latex clothing woman in latex dress

Getting Dressing In Latex Clothing:

Latex clothing can be very difficult to get on. Many people, however, really enjoy getting dressed in their latex as it is all a part of the fun! It may just take a bit of time and patience until you get the hang of it. Alternatively, get your latex clothing chlorinated for easy dressing.

  1. Unscented talcum powder, a water based lubricant, or a dressing aid is essential. Which you use comes down to personal preference. Try it out and see what you like!
  2. Make sure that both the inside of the garment and your body is lightly covered with the substance of choice, and then slowly ease the item on.
  3. Avoid grabbing the latex with your fingers as this could result in finger impressions. Instead, use your whole hand to gradually shift the latex into place.
  4. Make sure that your body is clean, dry, and free of oils before dressing.
  5. Watch out for sharp objects such as fingernails, jewellery or watches, as these may tear the latex.
  6. Do not use oil based liquids (ex. baby oil) or cornstarch. These will damage your latex.
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    Make Your Latex Clothing Shine:

    When your latex arrives you might be disappointed that it does not appear super shiny like you see in the photos or videos. Don’t panic, indeed this is normal. Getting that perfect shine will require a bit of practice and patience.

    1. The longer you have your latex garment and the more you shine it, the shinier it will become.
    2. What you use to shine your latex is a matter of personal preference.
    3. In order to get that high gloss look you can use a silicone based lubricant. There are in fact several brands specifically recommended for latex. These can be found in both a polish and a spray (again really a matter of personal preference).
    4. Water based lubricants can also be used. These are easier to clean up and less messy, but they don’t always produce as high of a shine and may dry out faster.
    5. If you are using a cloth to apply the shiner, be sure to use a soft, lint free cloth, and to rub lightly to avoid damaging the latex.
    6. If you are wearing your latex and find you can’t reach certain areas, don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a volunteer!
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      Looking After Your Latex Clothing:

      Properly caring for your latex clothing can dramatically increase the life of your latex and ensure that you have many years of fun in store.

      Washing Your Latex Clothing:

      It is essential to wash your latex after each and every use as natural body oils and sweat will eventually begin to break down your latex if they are not removed.

      1. Wash your latex in warm soapy water. A mild shampoo, dish detergent or a pure soap (ex. Ivory) is most recommended.
      2. Make sure to rinse thoroughly in order to remove all the soap.
      3. Shake free the excess water, pat dry, and hang on a plastic hanger to finish drying. After a short period turn inside out.
      4. Do not attempt to use the washing machine or dryer.
      Storing Your Latex Clothing:
      1. Keep your latex in a dry, dark place, away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.
      2. Always store at room temperature. Cold makes the material less supple.
      3. Store only when completely dry.

      Natural Latex Allergy:

      Chez Noir products are manufactured from the finest quality natural Latex. As such, there is a potential for an allergic reaction for anyone who has an allergy to this natural latex and comes in contact with our products. Please ensure that you, the consumer, are aware of this potential problem before making your purchase. Chez Noir does not accept any liability whatsoever for problems arising as a result of this.