Browse our selection of latex clothing for men! Don’t let your gender stop you from enjoying the sleek, sexy look of rubber. Discover all the ways to upgrade your look for the bedroom, fetish parties, or edgy fashion events. 

We offer a massive range of items made of rubber, including trousers, shorts, underwear, shirts, tank tops, and more. How will you add some manly latex to your life?

Your Guide to Buying Latex Fashion for Men

What kind of latex can you wear as a guy? The truth is that it’s whatever latex you like. While we do generally split our selection by options for men and women, most rubber garments from Chez Noir are unisex.

That said, we do find that men generally prefer wearing latex pants, shirts, and underwear. For accessories, our aprons, biker gloves, and socks are also a hit.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you should also explore our open-crotch and sex toy/underwear hybrids.

Fit & Sizing

With latex, fit is everything. At Chez Noir, we’re able to keep our latex affordable (especially if you shop our latex sale section) by pre-making everything to standard size. 

Go small: As a rule, always err on the side of a little smaller when deciding what size to purchase. Latex is a natural material, and it can stretch by a few inches once worn, especially with regular-thickness items. This reduces the chances of wrinkling or sagging once you wear your new item for the first time.   

That’s why it’s important you measure yourself before making a purchase, to make sure your latex fits you snugly, as befits this shiny, stretchy material. 

When shopping for pants or underwear, you’ll need to measure your waist. Wrap a tape measure around your torso, just above your belly button. Hold it snugly when checking the measurement. 

When shopping for shirts, you’ll need to measure your chest. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your chest, which is usually the same height as your nipples. Once again, make sure to hold the tape snuggly when checking your measurement.

Caring for Your Rubber

Taking good care of your men’s latex clothing is a must. Otherwise, your latex can degrade or become stained. While we’ve created a full guide to taking care of your latex, here are the key tips.

  • Be very careful when pulling on your latex, to avoid tearing it. 
  • Always wash your latex immediately after wearing it, using a gentle detergent or dedicated product like Viviclean. 
  • Don’t use oil-based products on latex since oils can degrade it. Only water or silicone-based lubes to shine it up or help you slide in. 
  • Dry your latex completely after washing it by patting it gently and then hanging it to dry. 
  • Dust your latex with talcum before storing it. 
  • Store your latex somewhere dark, dry, and cool.

How to put on latex

Getting into latex, especially if it’s your first time, can be a bit of a challenge. Pulling on a latex shirt or pants is a lot like pulling on any other item with one big exception: Latex is tight and it wants to stick to itself. Here’s how to get it on a little more easily. 

  • First, choose your latex dressing aid. Talcum and lube will both help latex slide on more easily. Another option is to have your latex chlorinated on the inside, which will change its structure a little and allow it to slide on with ease. 
  • When pulling on your latex, grab with the entire length of a few fingers, rather than pinching it. Pinching can cause tears, but distributing the pressure prevents that risk. 
  • Work the latex upwards or downwards in short bursts, and slide your hand in from the inside when necessary to prevent wrinkles. 
  • Once your latex is one completely, you can make small adjustments so it sits comfortably. 
  • Finally, you can use a dedicated silicone-based oil like our Chez Noir Shiner or ViviShine to polish your latex and ensure it shines.