Rihanna Latex Fashion

February 28, 2023

Rihanna latex inspiration

Rihanna blew us away with her Super Bowl Halftime Show - we know not everyone was impressed, but frankly, we’d like to see you perform like that while visibly pregnant. More importantly, we couldn’t help but admire the little touch of shiny red that she wore during the performance. It inspired us to write this post, detailing some of Rihanna’s best latex outfits! 

She’s no stranger to rubber fashion - she’s been wearing it for years now, and even released a few latex items under her Savage x Fenty label. Many of her pieces are stunning custom items that are expensive and difficult to find. 

So in this post, not only do we detail some of Rihanna’s best latex fashion moments, but also give some tips for how you can recreate her look with affordable, ready-to-wear latex from yours truly. 

Rihanna’s Latex Bra at the Super Bowl 

During the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime show, Rihanna sported what we inititally thought was a red latex bra (turns out it was actually a molded plate). While we’re big fans of latex on bare skin, we thought it was an interesting twist to layer that kind of piece over a top. Plus, we’re always excited to see such unique items normalized with more ways to wear them! 

If you’d like to dupe the look without spending quite so much, check out our Latex Bra in red. 

 Red latex bra like Rihanna halftime superbowl outfit

Savage x Fenty Latex Leotard


Rihanna in this strapless latex leotard is a thing of beauty. It fits her like a glove and accentuates her figure beautifully! Unfortunately, it’s an old Savage x Fenty release that’s no longer available. 

If you’d like to emulate the look, we’ve got a few options at Chez Noir. First, our classic latex bodysuit is ideal if you’re all about that neckline, although our low-cut latex leotard might be your favorite if you’re looking to show off more skin. For that sexy strapless vibe, our latex party dress is another great option. 


Corset + Thigh Highs


Rihanna wowed in a classic combo a few weeks back: Latex stockings, a bustier, and a garter belt. These Savage x Fenty designs are sexy, but not always accessible. You can recreate the look easily and affordably with a few Chez Noir staples: thigh-high latex stockings, a girdle, and our latex corset. 


Rihanna in Latex Skirt

Rihanna in latex skirt and harness

We’re not sure which performance this image comes from, but what we know for a fact is that a latex skirt always looks incredible! Pairing it with some punk elements certainly fits, showing that an outfit doesn’t have to be all-latex to make an edgy impression. A Chez Noir mini skirt and harness would allow you to easily recreate the style at home! 


Black Latex Crop Top at Gucci 


Rihanna is not afraid to own her sexuality at all times, which is why we’re obsessed with this look. Again, she opted for some interesting layering: She wore the latex crop top over a lacy long-sleeved cropped shirt. 

That said, you don’t need to be pregnant to rock a black latex crop with your favorite lounge pants. It’s a memorable look that’ll get you noticed, especially at the club! Recreate it with the Chez Noir latex camisole, which features a similar neckline. 


From S&M to Super Bowl 

A talented singer, fashion icon, and beauty mogul - there’s a lot to admire about Rihanna. We love that she makes wearing latex fashion a more mainstream fashion option. Her unique layering choices are fresh and innovative, and her style is a great reminder that latex can be anything you want it to be!