Ace of Spades Inflatable Gargantuan Butt Plug



$69.99 CAD

For a truly colossal butt plug, the Ace of Spades comes in 3 flavours, a solid butt plug, a fully inflatable butt plug, or a solid inflatable butt plug. Experience the Ace of Spades Inflatable Gargantuan Butt Plug and get stretched to the MAX, then inflate it for a little more! If you are looking for a one of a kind sex toy, this it is.

Inflatable Butt Plug vs Solid Inflatable Butt Plug: 

An inflatable has no solid core, just pump away to increase the size and the level of pleasure. A solid inflatable has a solid core at its centre, but can be pumped up even further to inflate it and increase the size. Either way, when you are finished, just turn the valve and release the air. Then start again. 

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