Looking to push yourself with anal play, BDSM, or sensory deprivation? Just looking to spice things up with some latex sex toys? We’ve got an amazing selection of rubber dildos, butt plugs, and much more here at Chez Noir.

Browse our selection of rubber sex toys for all your playtime & fetish needs. Shop penis sheaths, butt plugs, dildos, strap-ons, enema gear, gags, and so much more. Our inflatable sex toys and hybrid underwear and toy combos offer an unusual spin on old favourites.

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Types of Toys

Our range of rubber toys at Chez Noir goes a little beyond simple dildos. Here’s a quick guide to the kinds of goodies you can find: 

Dildos: The good ol’ classics, our dildos are long and firm to fill you up nicely and hit all those good internal spots. They come in various textures and designs, from the more anatomically accurate to ribbed options of varying sizes. All latex dildos have flared bases. 

Butt Plugs: Enjoy some anal play safely with a quality latex butt plug. Our plugs come in various sizes, and all have flared bases to prevent accidental loss. 

Inflatable Sex Toys: One of our favourite categories is inflatable butt plugs, dildos, and gags. Latex inflates easily with a built-in pump, allowing you to adjust the size of your toy as needed, both inside and outside the body. 

Sheaths and Extenders: Think you may enjoy some full coverage? Our penis sheaths and extenders are designed to allow you to slide right in with a bit of lube. They can help you extend the size of your member. They also act as their own vessels of stimulation, letting you enjoy the feeling of your penis encased in latex. 

Gags: Gags are the perfect sex toys for powerplay. Keep your sub quiet and their mouth occupied with any of our gags, including ones fitted with solid or inflatable plugs for an added sensory experience. 

Sex Toy Underwear: Wanna go incognito? We carry latex underwear with built-in toys like dildos, plugs, and cock rings, so you can enjoy both stimulation and coverage. 

Strap Ons: Penetration play is for everyone! Our strap-on dildos are fitted with everything you need to get down to business, no matter what kind of parts you’ve got. We even carry an ejaculating strap-on for when you want to replicate the full experience. 

Enema Gear: Make the process of getting nice and clean just as stimulating as what comes after. Our enema gear is modelled after our other toys, combining plugs or dildos with a pump that lets you inflate their size or squeeze out some water. 

Watersports Toys: We have a range of flushing toys that allow you to direct your stream wherever you need it to go. They’re perfect for a more controlled watersports play. If you’re worried about the mess, make sure to pick up some latex bedding, as well. 

Latex Sex Toy Care Tips

Caring for your latex sex toys is a little different than caring for other kinds of toys. It’s really important to keep them clean and dry since they are more porous than more expensive toys. 

  • Use a cleaner like ViviClean to know you’re washing your toys with a safe, antibacterial product. 
  • Wash your toys with water and cleaner soon after using them, since your body’s natural oils can degrade the material. 
  • Don’t use oil-based lubricants with rubber sex toys - water-based lube is best for the job. 
  • Always store your latex in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 
  • Latex doesn’t get sterilized easily, so if you like to share your sex toys, make sure to use condoms.