Chez Noir Lube


Lube 69

$19.99 CAD

Our own Chez Noir Lube is a great water based personal lubricant made in the USA.

The perfect aide to dressing in unchlorinated latex. Just lube up your body and the inside of the latex garment, and slide on. Have fun! Once dressed, get your partner to lube you up for some shiny, slippery pleasure!

It won't harm latex, perfect for use with condoms and other Chez Noir latex products. Does not contain spermicide - not a contraceptive.

"Extended use may cause euphoria" 

You may also want to check out our page on Chlorinating Your Latex. 

Ever wished that putting on your latex clothing could be as easy as pulling on a spandex bodysuit or lycra leggings?? Having it slide right on like any other clothing item in your wardrobe? Chlorinating your latex clothing can make this dream a reality!