Just Talc


Talc 100

$29.99 CAD

Just Talc prevents latex from sticking to itself and to you. Dust a little talc on the inside and outside of your latex when storing, or on yourself to save time and frustration when getting dressed. 

Our talc is 100% pure. It's tested for contaminants to guarantee that it's asbestos-free, and we do not add any potentially irritating additives.  

Size: 100g 

Absolutely pure talc.

No additives.



Product of India. Packaged in Canada.

Store in a cool dry place.

Ever wished that putting on your latex clothing could be as easy as pulling on a spandex bodysuit or lycra leggings? Having it slide right on like any other clothing item in your wardrobe? Chlorinate your latex clothing to make this dream a reality!